A Caffeine Nap to Keep You Full of Energy

    A Caffeine Nap to Keep You Full of Energy

    3:34 PM EDT, May 12, 2024

    Almost everyone drinks coffee. We sip it to get a quick energy boost and start a new day in a good mood. Believe it or not, there are some who after drinking it, take a short nap. Does it make any sense?

    A quick coffee and a short nap


    A coffee nap is nothing but a nap one takes right after drinking coffee. The ritual is fairly simple. First quickly drink your coffee (no time for relishing!), preferably espresso. Remember not to take any sugar as it will impede the effectiveness of the nap. Then go to bed and set the alarm clock for a 15-20-minute-long nap. If you are not very sleepy, you can just lie on the sofa with your eyes half-open.

    A boost of energy

    karl chor/unsplash
    karl chor/unsplash

    After we drink coffee, caffeine gets into our blood. Within 20 minutes it reaches the brain. This is where it competes with adenosine (a chemical compound responsible for the feeling of sleepiness) to win the brain receptor sites. After we fall asleep, the adenosine levels drop which gives room for caffeine. Consequently, our sleep increases the impact of coffee which means that once we wake up, we have quite a lot of energy at our disposal.

    Have you ever tried having a coffee nap?

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