Burglars know how to rob your apartment. They use adhesive tape to mark your place

    Burglars know how to rob your apartment. They use adhesive tape to mark your place

    4:51 AM EST, December 17, 2019

    Homeowners have been warned about a new burglar trick used to mark apartments that are easy to rob. A home should be a safe and peaceful place where we can feel comfortable, however the apartments of each one of us can become an easy target for burglars.

    It turns out that the thieves are smarter than you might think and have recently been using a simple but very insidious trick that is marking a real estate easy to rob

    In the UK, burglars use this trick, they stick a transparent tape on the keyhole. In this way, they can check whether the houses are empty and if anybody is home.

    By sticking the tape, the thieves see if the residents of the property returned to the apartment and peeled off the tape or whether it was intact. If so, they have a green light to break in.


    This trick works when someone goes on vacation or has died and the apartment is waiting to read the will

    People who met with the taped door lock were not initially aware of the threat - most of them thought it was a stupid joke of one of the neighbors.


    Fortunately, there are several ways you can scare off the thieves. An alarm or a barking dog can make a thief give up stealing from your apartment. In addition, remember to close windows and doors before leaving. If you are going away for a long time, ask a friend or a neighbor to look into your home from time to time and check if everything is ok.

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