Many People Believe That Bottled Coke Tastes Better. And That’s a Fact!

    Many People Believe That Bottled Coke Tastes Better. And That’s a Fact!

    6:37 PM EDT, July 27, 2022, updated: 8:06 PM EDT, July 28, 2022

    Fizzy drinks taste wonderful, not only in the summer. There are a variety of both flavors and containers. The latter include cans, plastic bottles and bottles made of glass. And this is the last kind of container that allegedly tastes best. Let’s see why.

    Cans ruin the flavor

    Chemical substances present in plastic bottles and aluminum cans are not toxic, yet they can badly affect the taste.

    We are talking about polymers, particles composed of many repeating subunits. They enhance the properties of the material they were ‘added’ to. Those which are present in the external layer of cans might absorb some of the flavor. Although manufacturers are trying to reduce that phenomenon, it is still possible.

    Plastic does not look better. Polymer acetaldehyde used for making plastic bottles can get to your Coke and subtly alter its taste.

    Glass rules

    As glass does not absorb the flavor, no wonder therefore that the drinks taste better. Of course our approach also matters – last but least this is the glass bottle that the image of Coca-Cola is built upon.

    More bubbles

    The process of carbonatation occurring in plastic bottles and aluminum cans is much faster (as opposed to the same process inside glass bottles). So if you feel like having some really sparkling Coke, always choose the one sold in glass bottles.

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