10 optical illusion paintings that will make you look twice!

Paintings that will make you look twice!

Robert Gonsalves is the creator of amazing works that play in an interesting way with human perception. Magical realism, because we are talking about it in this case, creates a certain optical illusion that sends our imagination into a very distant and sometimes disturbing journey. Wonderful!

Paintings that will make you look twice

At the beginning of his career, he worked as an architect and muralist, and in 1990 after the Toronto exhibition, the man decided to work as a painter. Although his works are considered surreal, they differ from other creators because the images are deliberately planned and result from conscious thought. He is inspired by everyday life.

#1 The Sun Sets Sail – Robert Gonsalves

#2 Cycling in the fall – Robert Gonsalves

#3 Waterfalls – Robert Gonsalves

#4 Waterfalls 2 – Robert Gonsalves

#5 Bedtime Aviation – Robert Gonsalves

#6 Moon lake – Robert Gonsalves

#7 Table Top Towers – Robert Gonsalves

#8 White Blanket – Robert Gonsalves

#9 High Park Pickets – Robert Gonsalves

#10 Unfinished Puzzle – Robert Gonsalves

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