Few simple steps to keep yourself updated with Handimania's posts.
As we’ve learned lately, Facebook has changed the algorithm that determines which "stories" show up on your news feed. It is a part of Facebook’s new policy for brand pages. There’s a detailed article on the subject on Business Insider website.

The result of such activity is the fact that the fewer and fewer of you can see our posts. That’s why if you don’t want to miss anything and would like to support us read what we’ve came up with.

One of the most important numbers that all of you can see is TAT (Talking About This) which indicates how eagerly you share and comment on our posts. In a nutshell – how much you like our content.


The closer TAT is to the number of fans, the better it is for Handimania’s fan page. At this very moment, our TAT number is a bit low. Thanks to your activity and engagement we can make it bigger together.

Actions that are valued the most by Facebook and increase TAT number are:

1. Shares – a clear sign that you’re crazy ‘bout the content of the fan page

2. Comments – very important as feedback on posts, engaging more of you

3. Likes – surprisingly, the least important factor

We’re trying to learn more about you by asking you some questions that sometimes may seem out of topic, but it really helps us to get to know you better and prepare more projects that you’ll be really into. At the same time, it makes all those important numbers grow.

How to stay tuned to Handimania’s posts?

Have you ever felt that you’re missing something? Good solution to keep yourself up to date is to turn “Get Notifications” on.


Now you know how to support us and motivate us to work even further to bring you more awesome tutorials and amazing ideas. Can we count on you? We would be more than happy to see your comments under recently posted cover photo!

Thank you for being with us!


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