Green grass knitting and an exciting meeting!

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All those who happen to work online, bloggers in particular, know that summer is a harsh time for a web industry. We’re sweating away to make our old and new fans happy with the stuff we present (even if all we dream about is golden sand, gentle lap of waves, and juicy watermelon). Also, we’re working our way through major page updates, so that everything looked fat n’ sassy. If we make it all, there’s a slight chance for sunbathing this summer ;)

Even if we dream of vacations, we’re happy to announce that on 11th and 12th of July you’ll have a chance to DIY with us in an extraordinary surrounding. We’ll be visiting our friends at Slot Art Festival in Lubiąż, Poland to run our “Eco-knitting” workshops! Still much work to do before we go there, but it will be so exciting to meet you there in person!

We’re so thrilled about this get-together that we’ve decided to give you two tickets for the whole festival (it will take place between 8th and 12th of July this year). To get them, all you have to do is to follow us on Facebook - soon you’ll find there a post about Slot Art Festival and a tiny contest.

Stay tuned and creative! We hope to see you at Slot Art Festival on our “Eco-knitting” workshops. Come and meet with us to find out what does upcycling have in common with knitting :)


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