Biodegradable Masks That Turn Into a Flower Meadow. They Are Environmentally Friendly

    Biodegradable Masks That Turn Into a Flower Meadow. They Are Environmentally Friendly

    7:26 AM EDT, May 22, 2021

    Disposable surgical masks that we use every day are not eco-friendly. A Dutch brand has created an environmentally friendly alternative.


    Masks Jeopardize the Animals Habitat

    The coronavirus outbreak has required us to walk around wearing masks. These disposable and surgical masks are made of plastics, and their decomposition time is up to 450 years. Additionally, they simply pollute the environment. They end up in seas and rivers, where they become a deadly trap for animals.


    It all Started With Rice

    Dutch brand Marie Bee Bloom decided to put an end to non-organic masks. The designers created a mask made of two sheets of rice paper and strings made of sheep wool. The small flowers attached to the strings were cut from egg shells.


    The Mask will Turn into a Meadow

    The product is distinguished by the fact that the mask contains (with the help of potato starch glue) plant seeds. Thanks to that, after placing it in pots, soil or throwing it away, it will turn into a small meadow. The seeds start to germinate after three days.


    For the Love of Ecology

    The mask is fully biodegradable and you can find in it seeds of flowers that grow in the Netherlands (asters, cornflowers, dill, phlox, gilia, multifloral thrush). Interestingly, even the brand's logo is printed on the masks using eco-friendly ink.


    Marie Bee Bloom brand masks are disposable and have not been tested yet to see if they provide protection against coronavirus.


    What do you think of these masks?

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