Begonia Tuberhybrida – the Most Beautiful Flower to Grow on Shady Balconies

    Begonia Tuberhybrida – the Most Beautiful Flower to Grow on Shady Balconies

    Begonia Tuberhybrida – the Most Beautiful Flower to Grow on Shady Balconies
    7:31 AM EDT, April 6, 2022, updated: 7:07 PM EDT, April 6, 2022

    Begonia tuberhybrida grows best in shady places. Direct sun is not an option, so the best location would be balconies and terraces with northern exposure.

    dp_direct / instagram
    dp_direct / instagram

    Of course the balconies differ in the way they are situated. But still, using the trial and error method we can find plants that will feel good on a shady balcony.

    Begonia tuberhybrida

    Begonia tuberhybrida is a perennial which never reaches large sizes unlike other popular balcony plants. They are, however, an excellent alternative for Pelargonium zonale as they can’t grow there due to insufficient sunlight.

    Begonia tuberhybrida has got large stiff leaves, and, depending on species, flowers of various colour and size. The colours are often very intensive. Although it is a perennial, it blooms until first frost.

    Begonia tuberhybrida – a perennial

    The plant has got bulbs that we can buy in the spring, pot and put outside as soon as the risk of frost is gone.

    Most balcony lovers buy them in middle spring. You can clearly tell it from other plants thanks to the size and colour of its flowers.

    In the autumn, once the first frost comes, take out the bulbs, clean and dry them to keep them in the winter in turf or sawdust, at approximately 10 degrees C.

    Begonia tuberhybrida - varieties

    The most popular variety of Begonia tuberhybrida. Its wonderful flowers from the distance look like roses. The flower’s diameter can be even 20 – 30 centimetres if grown in the garden. Potted ones don’t grow that big, but still, they always look stunning.

    Another popular variety is Begonia pendula. As it is a hanging plant, it is often chosen as balcony decoration. The flowers are smaller but there are so many of them that the number compensates it and, that goes without saying, they look great.

    Begonias –care

    Begonias are very delicate plants. As the stalks are quite rigid, you have to be careful while taking care of it as they are really fragile.

    Begonias must be watered depending on current needs. The location, the container and the individual plant – they all matter. All you can do is control them to see when they are too dry.

    They shouldn’t be planted too close together. As they prefer shady spots, in case of rainy weather spacing provides better ventilation and prevents rotting.
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