Ursula Goff Is a Professional Hair Colorist Inspired by Nature

Would you like to change something about your life? If the answer is ‘yes’ and you have decided your hairstyle to be the first thing on the list? We have some news for you. The trends in hair dying, including pink highlights, flannel hair or unicorn style, have been really dynamic recently, and they have already caught on. Ursula Goff, a professional colorist decided to introduce another trend, based on inspirations from the surrounding natural environment.

Nature has always been a great source of inspiration for artists. However, in the field of hairstyling nobody has ever gone for as crazy coloring stylizations as Ursula. She comes from Kansas where she runs her own business. She also has her Instagram profile where she posts her latest stylizations with her brave clients as models. Her profile has already got 140,000 followers who admire her work.
Goff is inspired mainly by famous pieces of art and elements of nature that she professionally encodes in the colors of her clients’ hair. Thanks to the hair dyes she can treat hair like canvas. With a few movements of her brush she turns her clients’ hair into rainbows, flowers or flames. She is really lucky to have such devoted clients approving her visions. Thy stylist admits that she receives a lot of inspirations still waiting for brave women.
She says often comes across inspiring photographs. She puts them aside and waits for the appropriate person who will agree on a complete metamorphosis.
In social media Ursula Goff frequently publishes tutorials, videos and other educational content. Below you will see her 20 best works, where the colorist magically changes boring hairstyle into genuine masterpieces.

#1 The sunflower shades will put a smile upon every face looking at it

#2 Spinning colors of star constellations turned into a beautiful hair color


#3 Storms are often followed by rainbows. What about a rainbow in your hair?

#4 The inside of a pearl is another marvelous inspiration

#5 This elegant color was inspired by light violet fluorite

#6 Short hair inspired by northern light

#7 Labradorite is a beautiful mineral that wonderfully reflects light

#8 Stunning hair inspired by Arizona landscape

#9 Space is a never-ending inspiration

#10 A constellation with the blue, black and violet background of dark sky makes thousands of stars twinkle

#11 The color of the crystals looks divine

#12 The pastel colors of the rose petals are marvelous

#13 A flowery ombre is going to be another great trend in hair colorization

#14 This starry night would make Van Gogh himself feel proud

#15 This stylization was inspired by the colors of peacock feathers

#16 Here Ursula Goff’s imagination was fired by burning wood

#17 Famous Monet’s flowers became part of hairstyle here

#18 Another interesting interpretation of Georgia O’Keeffe’s poppies, this time on hair

#19 Another rose inspiration

#20 I would never say that black opal might spark such a stunning hair color inspiration
















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