Bartenders secret way to make perfectly transparent ice cubes!

    Bartenders secret way to make perfectly transparent ice cubes!

    Bartenders secret way to make perfectly transparent ice cubes!
    4:37 PM EST, December 28, 2019

    If you want to delight your guests with an unusual drink, look for an interesting recipe, prepare it and finally add ice into it-thats what today's article will be about. It's worth it because it looks very effective!

    Crystal clear ice

    There are lots of recipes for crystal ice online, however some of them require a lot of work and still others just do not bring such good results ... Therefore, either you buy an expensive ice-making machine or use our advice. We will just tell you that the second option is much cheaper so you will keep more cash for shopping!


    The best way to get crystal clear ice cubes is the so-called directional freezing. All you need is filtered water, a tiny plastic portable fridge and "some" space in the freezer.

    Let's start with the fact that ordinary ice cubes are matt because of air bubbles that have been trapped inside them. Even if you boil water twice, you won't be able to get rid of all the air from it.


    But when the ice begins to freeze in a refrigerator with an isolated bottom and sides it pushes the air in one direction - towards the bottom. Thanks to this, you are able to receive a large piece of crystal-clear ice. Just get rid of the matte part.

    Remember not to let all the water freeze, thanks to this you will simply get a layer of crystal ice from the fridge. It will be perfect for cutting into cubes of any size!


    Are you wondering why should you spend so much time (is it for sure? Ice freezes itself ...) and space in the freezer (you really need it ...) just to have crystal clear ice cubes?

    You have to know that they have more advantages than you might think ...

    First of all, they look nicer (but you already know it). Additionally they are colder and cool down your drinks much better. You'll ask how this is possible? Remember that these matt ones have more air bubbles - it's all clear right? Another advantage is that they melt slower. You want more? Due to the fact that they melt more slower they don't water down your drink so quickly.


    Short but precise instructions:

    You need:

    • A small, portable fridge or isolated container without closing
    • Filtered water
    • A long serrated knife
    • Meat mallet
    • Chopping boards

    Step by step…

    1.Pour the water into a refrigerator or isolated container.

    2.Put it to the large freezer (remember not to close the container) for 24 hours, but not longer, so it doesn't freeze all the water.

    3.Take everything out and pour it into the sink.

    4.Cut off any cloudy ice layer. Before doing this, soak the knife in hot water - it will help a lot.

    5.Put the crystal-clear part on a board and start cutting it into the desired cubes. The easiest way will be if you cut with a knife about 1.5 - 2 centimeters of ice. Then help yourself with a meat mallet ...

    Simple, right? ?

    Such cubes you can use immediately, but you can also put them in a plastic bag and put them back into the freezer. Just remember that then a delicate, cloudy layer might form on them. This is normal - because the cubes will melt a little during splitting ...

    That's why you have to pull them out just before using and let them "lose" the cloudy camouflage ...


    Because of writing this article, I already know what I'll do after work ...

    How about You?
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