Banana Peel Is a Perfect Ingredient to Make a DIY Potted Plant Fertilizer

    Banana Peel Is a Perfect Ingredient to Make a DIY Potted Plant Fertilizer

    6:01 PM EDT, June 20, 2024

    If you want your plants to grow well, you need to supply them with appropriate microelements.

    It turns out that in spite of chemical fertilizers used extensively in banana farms, its peel contains a lot of nutrients that could be beneficial for the plants we grow at home.

    So this is how bananas could prove useful for our own plants.

    It’s all about banana peels. As they contain phosphor, potassium and mineral salts, once bacteria and other microorganisms decompose them, they will provide our plants with nutritious elements.

    To make a DIY banana fertilizer, you need:

    - some bananas

    - a jar

    - lukewarm water (about 40 C)

    Put one or two banana peels into a jar and fill it with the water. Close the jar and leave it for two weeks. Then you can water the plants with the solution.

    The peels can also be cut and left in the composter to accelerate the fermentation process. A cut banana peel is also a very good and scentless fertilizer to be used in your garden. Place it somewhere near the plants (not too deep). When the peel begins to decompose, all the minerals and vitamins will be released.

    Will you try it out?

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