Professional Tricks to Plant Petunias and Pelargoniums Thanks to Which You Can Avoid Breaking Their Stalks!

Climbing plants are a popular balcony and window decoration. Be that petunias or pelargoniums, we usually buy them potted from which they must be transplanted to larger containers. Few of us enjoy this part. Especially with so fragile pelargoniums…

Ever since I can remember my dad has had his way to plant flowers in balcony containers. This way has become so popular online that I can use some of the materials available there to show you how it has to be done.

Tricks to help you plant in pots and containers

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This method is really useful for climbing plants, for example petunias and pelargoniums, that are to grow in rectangular balcony containers. That also includes compositions of several species inside one container. First of all we have to double check that all the plants will fit in the box.

Then pour a layer of soil onto the container’s bottom

Take the plants out of the little plastic pots they are usually sold in. Put the plants aside.

Put the pots inside the bigger container, one next to another

It is important that the pots be on the same level with our container (the big pot)

This is how you arrange all pots

Now gradually add the soil

Don’t bother about the soil poured into the small pots. Just make sure there is enough soil in the spaces in between.

The effect? Planted pots!

Now take out the first pot. The hole for your plant is ready!

Plant the first flower, simply putting it gently into the hole

Take out another pot and plant another flower.

This is how you plant your beauties without breaking their fragile stalks.

Of course this work bests with balcony containers.

Now you can fix the containers in the right place and simply put the plants in ready holes.

Remember to check if the new containers or pots have holes on the bottom that will release the excess of water.

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