8 Clues How to Change Your Balcony. How to Quickly Turn It into a Really Cosy Place

Surviving a hot sunny day without a terrace or a balcony is barely possible. That is why you’d better give your balcony a touch of cosiness. This is where you will relax with a cup of coffee and a good book. This is also where you can receive your guests for a glass of wine in the evening. It doesn’t have to look like a utility room. Have a look at a few inspirations to check what you can change about your balcony.

How to change your balcony #1 Carpet

Of course this piece of advice is not going to work on all balconies (especially when there is no floor or roof above). However, this is one of the trendiest ideas for those who want their balcony to be more homely. Not only will it keep your feet warm, but it also creates nice atmosphere. You can go for a tiny rug with subtle ornaments or something bigger in Moroccan style. If not a carpet, why don’t you take into consideration artificial grass?

How to change your balcony #2 Lights

Garlands and lanterns create unique atmosphere. Their light is warm and snug. You can hang them on the balustrade, along the wall or even coil your furniture with it. Remember to select such lights that are resistant to unfavourable weather conditions.

How to change your balcony #3 Appropriate floor

Balcony floors are usually tiled. However, using a small amount of money, you can change that. If you are not fond of carpets, rugs or artificial grass, how about decking tiles or planks? Thanks to them your balcony floor will be no longer cold and dark. Instead, it will gain a touch of boho.

How to change your balcony #4 Hammock or swings

A big balcony can easily fit in a hammock or a suspended armchair where you can spend hours reading your favourite books. Add some plants, a carpet and boho feeling is there! If there is anything particular I want to recommend, let it be a single-colour hammock with Indian style plaiting.

How to change your balcony #5 Take care of your plants

Plants are a good idea both in terms of decoration and health. The more plants at home (and on your balcony of course), the better air for everyone living there. Moreover, plants relax us and calm us down. Balconies are good spots for peppermint, sage or potted fig trees. If you care about bees that are so endangered these days, choose sage, peppermint or heather as these are some of the most bee-friendly plants

How to change your balcony #6 Furniture

There simply must be some furniture to sit on…You can pick up wooden chairs that you can assemble and disassemble yourself, a deck chair for maximum comfort or furniture made of pallets. Add some accessories and your ideal balcony is ready.

How to change your balcony #7 Blankets, cushions and other accessories

Now that you have got your furniture, put there some cushions and blankets. Decorations of varied patterns will work, giving your balcony a nice charm.

How to change your balcony #8 A green wall

If it is possible, design something really original, namely a plant wall. You can make it yourself – buy the frame and create your own composition of plants. You can buy a ready plant wall, too. Think about pots fitted to wooden boards (see the photo above).
What do you think about these ideas? Which one did you like the most? Now that you know what can be changed, are you planning to do anything about your balcony? Please give us your feedback in your Facebook comment and share photos of your balcony.

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