25 Smart Designs to Help You Convert Your Small Balcony or Patio into a Private Paradise

Many people believe that small balconies or patios have little or no potential to be exploited in an interesting way. The gallery below proves them to be all so wrong. Have a look at a bunch of imaginative inspirations showing how this can be done.

There are so many inspiration ideas that you must find something for yourself. Have fun!


#1 A mini-dining room outdoors

#2 A coffee table with a green surprise

#3 An original pattern on the floor might go with the rest of the design

#4 An interesting design based on black and white contrast

#5 A balcony swing

#6 A perfect place for meeting even a few friends

#7 Unique furniture

#8 A place to unwind after a hard day’s work

#9 A hammock…

#10 A balcony garden

#11 What would you say for a balcony greenhouse?

#12 Magic lighting

#13 Feels like paradise

#14 Making the most of the tiniest space

#15 An ideal spot for a morning coffee for two

#16 Can you think of a better place to relax?

#17 We’ve got something for the bookworms, too

#18 Wooden crates as a balcony decoration? Why not!

#19 Pallets may also give your balcony a touch of magic

#20 A folding table works on all balconies

#21 Your balcony may work as a study, too

#22 A secret garden of your balcony

#23 Milk crates used to build an original table

#24 Who wouldn’t like to have a place like this?

#25 Ordinary lights creating extraordinary atmosphere

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