15 Blooming Plants to Decorate Your Windows and Balconies. They Are Easy to Grow in a Single Container

There are several plants that can grow in balcony containers or hanging pots. Common geranium, surfinia, lobelia, bacopa (water hyssop) verbena (vervain), scaevolas (fan-flowers) and many others. I don’t know whether you have your favourite one, or whether you have your favourite way of arranging various species on your balcony, but I want to show you that you can plant almost everything that blooms now.

#1 Geraniums with white and blue bacopa or silverleaf ponysfoots

Potted geranium is often grown with small hanging flowers that will fill the edge of the container or pot. Most often we go for white bacopas and lobelias, but their blue species also look good.

#2 White climbing geranium, light blue surfinia and white climbing lobelia

Most annual flowers has its ground cover and climbing species. That is why whenever you buy lobelias or vervains make sure what kind of them you are buying.

#3 Begonia and ground-ivy

#4 Geranium

There are so many species of geranium, be that climbing or ground cover, that you can arrange a flower decoration of geranium only.

#5 White surfinia with white bacopa


#6 Surfinia and bidens (beggarticks)

#7 White composition of geranium and bacopa

Bacopas is a beautiful white-blooming annual plant. It often blooms longer than geranium. However, when the summers is very hot, it may stop blooming. Later on the buds appear again. It doesn’t have to be a part of a composition. It looks good in hanging pots forming a middle size white ball of tiny flowers.

#8 Geranium, white bacopas and blue lobelia

#9 Impatiens and bacopa

#10 Impatients also grows well in containers, though it is on the ground where it forms a carpet of flowers

#11 Scaevolas and sundaville

Sundaville is a wonderful flower that really catches the eye.
Scaevola is one of the most universal plants that grows in all direction. It is also wind-resistant.

#12 Again, geranium, bacopas with white and blue vervain

#13 Surfinia, vervein and white lobelia

#14 Surfinia, geranium and yellow bidens

#15 White climbing vervein and miniature surfinia, maybe million bells

#16 Another compositions with geranium, million bells and other plants

#17 Petunia also look good in hanging pots, but they never reach the size of surfinia

Surfinia is a ground species of petunia, so if you buy small seedling, double check whether these are petunias or surfinia

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