10 Vegetables You Can Grow on Your Balcony. Create Your Own Tiny Vegetable Garden

Not all of us are lucky to have their own garden. Most of us, however, have got a balcony where, in one pot or two, we can grow our own fruit and vegetables.

You can grow vegetables on your balcony if it has enough sun exposure and, naturally, if you provide appropriate soil. You can either get some soil in a garden centre or simply mix some garden soil with a bit of compost. The rest is up to you.

If you want to grow vegetables in some old containers, you need to clean and scald them first to get rid of any disease, mould or fungus. They shouldn’t be too small, either.
Balconies are good for smaller vegetables or miniature variations of the bigger ones.


When you buy seedlings, lettuce is one of the fastest growing ones. No matter what variety of lettuce. You need a flower container or a common pot to grow it. The only problem is that once the lettuce is grown, you can’t buy more seedlings – they are simply unavailable.


This is one of the most popular balcony fruit. Remember that the most common varieties of tomatoes need a support to lean against. Unless you go for the small cocktail tomatoes.


Climbing cucumbers, just like tomatoes, are some of the most common balcony vegetables. They grow very fast, so once you have your seedlings on the balcony, you will soon enjoy their taste. You can buy either seeds or seedlings. Of course with seeds it takes a little longer to have your own cucumbers.


I guess fans of peppers, including its hot varieties, don’t need any encouragement to grow them on their balconies. Just one thing – remember that peppers really like sunny and warm places. It is also a very fragile plant so make sure you don’t break it – then you can forget your own peppers!


You can sow the seeds in early spring. It needs 30 days to grow and… be ready to be eaten.


Another one to sow on your balcony


If you have some green beans seeds, you can sow a few in pots on your balcony, too. You can also go for some climbing varieties.


With good supports you can grow some of the climbing varieties.
There is a variety of green pea growing up to 40 cm.

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