The Baby Diaper Trick Comes in Handy When Growing Potted Plants

    The Baby Diaper Trick Comes in Handy When Growing Potted Plants

    The Baby Diaper Trick Comes in Handy When Growing Potted Plants
    4:14 AM EDT, July 23, 2022, updated: 10:53 AM EDT, July 31, 2022

    Every plant lover wants his flowers to grow lush and look their best. However, sometimes, in the heat of household chores, we may forget to water our ferns or ficus. What can you do to keep the soil in the pot moist longer? Make a humidifier out of a diaper.

    Business trips or vacations are not favourable for growing plants. In that case, you probably need to switch to growing succulents 😉 If you are not fond of cacti, there is a fix for you. Quickly buy baby diapers and find that you won't have to water your plants so often anymore.

    Arguably, the very idea of using disposable diapers in gardening may seem crazy. However, it's a tried-and-true patent that really works. The diapers have inserts made of super-absorbent polymers. These are plastics with a unique property. They are able to absorb and hold more liquid than their weight.

    How to Make a Diaper Moisturizer Step by Step?

    Lay out the diaper in a dish. On its insert in the center (the part that adheres to the baby's buttocks) pour about 4 cups of water.


    The baby diaper trick is useful when growing plants.

    Then cut the diaper and pour all the soaked, polymeric composition into a bowl.


    Place soil in the bottom of the pot and mix it well with the polymer.


    Place the plant on such a prepared base and cover the whole thing with soil.


    You will quickly find that you will have to water your potted flowers twice as often. The polymer cartridge constantly moistens and aerates the soil. It will also save the plants you happen to overwater (it will absorb excess water). In addition, it is biodegradable and completely safe for the environment.

    Vase Insert

    The diaper cartridge will also find use for cut flowers. In a container pour 33 oz of warm water, 2 tablespoons of white vinegar and add 3 tablespoons of sugar. Then with such a preparation soak the diaper and remove the polymer insert. Pour it into a vase, pour in water and insert cut flowers. You will prolong their life and they will look as if they were in crushed ice.

    How you already tried this tricks?

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