Wood Fall Centerpiece

Find a nice piece of wood in your garden and turn it into an autumn candleholder for your table!

Floating Christmas Tree

Use ordinary ornaments to make this unique and modern, decorative Christmas tree!

Pinecone Fairy Ornament

Find a pinecones and leaves in your garden and turn them into adorable natural decoration.

Rainbow Rock Candy

Mix water with a lot of sugar, add some food coloring and wait as long as your candys will be ready!

Kids Bean Bag Chair

Prepare two pieces of fabric and sew them together to make a comfortable place to rest and play.

Frozen Dinosaur

Freeze small dinosaur in the water to create kid’s absorbing activity.

Tapioca Water Bead

Prepare some tapioca pearls and cover it with food coloring to create a super activity for your kids.

Concrete Hands Planter

Fill the gloves with concrete and make a quaint planter to decorate your garden.

Wood Garden Shed

Follow the instruction and build this useful and classic garden house.

Fancy Camera Strap

Reuse your scarf to make a fashion and a handy strap for your camera.

Sweet Sock Owl

Prepare some colorful socks and create this adorable, lush woodland resident.

Homemade iPhone Wallet

Choose your favourite fabric and follow the instruction to make an iPhone wallet.