26 Breathtaking Pictures Showing How Beautiful and Dangerous the Weather Can Be

Every year the Royal Meteorological Society together with AccuWeather organize a big photo contest (Weather Photographer of the Year). Its theme is, of course, weather phenomena occurring all over the world and their impact on the lives of all organisms living on the Earth. This year as many as 7700 entries were submitted. The jury had a tough nut to crack. Watch the gallery and meet photographers who can masterfully capture clouds, snow blizzards, storms and fog.

1st Prize Winner (1st Place) – Rudolf Sulgan.

He Showed People Crossing Brooklyn Bridge (USA) During a Snowstorm. According To the Jury, He Perfectly Illustrated How the Weather Affects Our Lives and How People Can Cope With the Forces of Nature.

2nd Place – VU Trung Huan, “Tea Hills”

3rd Place – Maja Kraljik, “Monster”

4. Audience Award – Alexey Trofimov, “Treasures of the Fairy Tale”

5. Audience Award – Lori Grace Bailey, Lightning Storm Over El Paso, Texas

6. Prize of the Audience – Joann Randles, “Under the Rainbow”

7. Place – Young Photographer of the Year 2020 – Drewman Stephanie Sergeevna, “Frozen Life”

8. Place – Young Photographer of the Year 2020 – Emma Rose Karsten, a Huge Cloud Captured in June in the City of St. Louis

9. Andrew Mccaren – Finalist

10. Mikhail Shcheglov – Finalist

11. Lhedien – Finalist

12. Borisss1982 – Finalist

13. Javier Negroni Rodriguez – Finalist

14. Sabrina Garofoli – Finalist

15. Marc Marco Ripoll – Finalist

16. Hadi Dehghanpour – Finalist

17. Ivicabrlic – Finalist

18. Adrian Campfield – Finalist

19. Yurly – Finalist

20. šIme BarešIć – Finalist

21. Alex Wides – Finalist

22. Tina Wright – Finalist

23. Abdul Momin – Finalist

24. Preston Stoll – Finalist

25. Richard Fox – Finalist

26. Mikhail Kapychka – Finalist

Which Photo Made the Biggest Impression on You?

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