14 Photography Tricks. This Is How You Take Masterpiece Pictures!

If you are into photography, the article is a must for you. The phots here look magical, but in fact there is always some ‘science’ behind.

#1 Historical cars in the street? No, just a few toy cars on a piece of cardboard on a table

#2 Waterless immersion

#3 To take an unbelievable photo with a castle in the background you only need a puddle

#4 Such drops can only be seen if there is a sieve above

#5 What do you think about this one? I wish I was just as imaginative…

#6 You do get surprised sometimes…

#7 Idyllic countryside in the photo and in reality

#8 Someone needs to jump into the pool to get this effect. I wonder how many times they had to go through it…

#9 Sometimes taking photographs is a big challenge

#10 Everything is possible

#11 A good studio can even improvise a tornado

#12 Enchanted inside a water drop

#13 Fake clouds? Fake grass? Yes, indeed

#14 Everything depends on your imagination. Photoshop will do the rest

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