10 Mind-Blowing Optical illusion Paintings That Make You Look Twice

Robert Gonsalves is the creator of the amazing work. Rob’s career as an artist firstly took off in a gallery near Washington, D.C., when they began selling his paintings.

Most of his stunning optical illusion drawings have an unclear boundary between the multiple stories they tell, which forces the viewer to jump back and forth between them – like an eye trick that changes every time you look at it.

Magical realism, or as it was once called “hauntingly magical”, creates a certain optical illusion that sends our imagination into a very distant and sometimes disturbing journey. Wonderful!

#1 “Sun Sets Sail” 

Robert Gonsalves/boredpanda.com

Do you see the bridge or the clouds? What about the sailing ship, how many of those do you see?

Did you know that this type of ship is called carrack? Originated around the 14th to 15th centuries in Europe, most notably in Portugal.

#2 “Autumn Cycling”

Robert Gonsalves/boredpanda.com

Double decker rinding street! When did you see that last?

#3 “Carved in Stone”

Robert Gonsalves/boredpanda.com

Look closely, can you spot the artist’s name carved right in ?

In  Ethiopia, some 645 km from Addis Ababa, eleven medieval monolithic churches were carved out of rock. Their building is attributed to King Lalibela who set out to construct in the 12th century a ‘New Jerusalem’.

#4 “Water Dancing”

Robert Gonsalves/boredpanda.com

The paintings of this artist cannot be confused with anyone else’s – they all somehow show the illusory perception of our real world.

#5 “Bedtime Aviation”

Robert Gonsalves/boredpanda.com

Let’s hope they will not awake the rest, by the way how many children did you count ?

#6 “Phenomenon of Floating” 

Robert Gonsalves/boredpanda.com

If you look closely at each work of the artist, then you will not find anything fantastic and improbable in any one particular detail. And yet, in general, the scene created by the artist is impossible and unreal!

#7 “Tabletop Towers

Robert Gonsalves/boredpanda.com

Gonsalves has been interested in drawing since he was a kid. By the age of twelve, he already demonstrated masterful technique and a good understanding of architecture and perspective. After he found out about the works of Salvador Dali and René Magritte, he turned to surrealism himself and has never looked back since

#8 “White Blankets”

Robert Gonsalves/ boredpanda.com

One image melts into another and comes back again full circle, playing with our minds by creating irrational dream worlds.

#9 “High Park Pickets”

Robert Gonsalves/boredpanda.com

At what point does our safety net – real or imagined – become too far away to serve its purpose? Are we truly tied to it like we think we are, or can we keep on balancing without the support and make it safely to our next destination? Rob Gonsalves’, “High Park Pickets” is an exploration of this youthful dance.

#10 Unfinished Puzzle

Robert Gonsalves/boredpanda.com

As each piece is connected to the next, something magical happens: the family becomes subjects within the puzzle, assembling a beautiful home under a bright blue sky.

Gonsalves was born in 1959 to a Romanian gypsy immigrant family in Toronto, Canada. From childhood he was attracted to drawing, he painted everything that he saw around

Rob, in his early years, went to work as an architect, but out of his love of drawing continued to create his fantastic paintings. He was attracted by the possibility of playing with perspective and symmetry, and he drew inspiration from the works of graphic artists such as Tanguy, Magritte, and Escher.

The last drawing Rob completed shows a Young Man Determinedly Climbing up a Tree Branch that leans over a pond, the water looking like an astronaut’s view of Earth.

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