Jeffro Uitto Creates Wonderful Sculptures Using Wood Found on the Beach

Wooden sculptures are hardly innovative. In fact wood is one of the oldest materials used by sculptors. The sculptures made by Jeffro Uitto, whose social networking nickname is ‘Knock on Wood’, were made using only the wood found on the beaches of Washington state. The artists exploits this medium to express his vision of the world and as an outlet for his imagination, full of horses, eagles, rhinos or lion.

He admits that whenever he gets down to a new sculpture, he has some image of the final work. However, he often changes the original concept as he works on it.

Consequently, the artist is not quite sure what the final effect will be. Since he was a child he has enjoyed collecting the wood thrown out by the sea, possibly drifting a countless number of miles to finally reach the shore. Through his works he intends to prove that each object can win a new lease of life and represent some new value.

Most of the tools he uses he has made himself. This brings his works even more admiration. Many tourists arriving at the nearby Tokeland hotel visit the artist in his shop and workshop. They can’t believe how much love and care he gives to the medium he works with.

















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