25 Examples of Graffiti You Won’t Take Your Eyes Off. They Are Amazing!

One of the best ways to renovate run-down walls, neglected stair cases or entire buildings is graffiti. It will invigorate any space and give it completely different image. This is the direction chosen by a French artist known as scaf_oner. He breathes new life into abandoned factories, blocks of flats and houses. Everything thanks to unusually realistic graffiti. You might think the creatures and animals he paints are just about to get off the wall and start running.

Watch the gallery and let the illusion carry you.

#1 Blue snake just about to strike

#2 The hunt for the dragon

#3 Sharing the water with a lioness

#4 A crazy pink elephant smoking a pipe

#5 Walking hand in hand with Winnie the Pooh

#6 Riding a violet snake

#7 The award goes to the green snake

#8 These are funny fellows

#9 The Gollum’s look

#10 An empty bottle as the best bait

#11 Looking for love

#12 These flowers were not sculpted

#13 My treasure, mine!

#14 A cute alligator

#15 Chatting at tea time

#16 A clip of the clips

#17 This cat already knows how to rule the world

#18 Chasing another dimension

#19 A really dramatic staircase

#20 The mystery of storks delivery solved

#21 Is this really a wall?

#22 I would not like to see that in my basement…

#23 When Mexico meets Africa

#24 Just in case of another lockdown

#25 Doesn’t this dinosaur skull look real?

Which one did you like the most? My favorite one is stork!

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