A Nasty Wall, the Ugliest Thing in the Neighborhood, Turned Into a Piece of Art in a Cheap and Eco-Friendly Way!

Young artists have so many ideas. That is why they are capable of making murals without a single drop of paint.

A mural of bottle caps

In Caracas, the capital city of Venezuela, there is an astonishing and original mural, attracting your attention with a myriad of colors. What makes it stand out from other works of art is the fact that it was made entirely of plastic bottle caps only. It was designed by Oscar Olivares (23), a young artist, in cooperation with an ecological organization called OkoSpiri.

Barrels of caps

Parrots and sunflowers


The ecological mural shows colorful ara parrots living in the forests of Venezuela, a starry night and a tropical tree called araguaney, common in this country. This is the first work of this kind in the whole Latin America. It is over 44 meters long and 250,000 caps in a number of colors were used to make it. It took 3 months to complete it.

Oscar Olivares with his hands full of caps

A change for the better


Thanks to this colorful mural the Juan Escalon Square in one of the Caracas districts has changed beyond recognition. A concrete wall got a new colorful image and the whole surrounding is no longer grey and monotonous. Quite the contrary, it makes you feel like strolling there.

Oscar Olivares in front of the mural

Interestingly, it was not the artists who made the mural, but the local citizens themselves. Obviously they can be so proud now!

A real ara parrot with the mural in the background

What do you think about this fantastic mural?

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