Concrete Hand Planters, Inexpensive Pot Ideas Reusing Old Latex Gloves

A bit of concrete mix can be used to create very intriguing and beautiful decorations. It is very easy to do and all you need is a will and a bit of patience.

#1 The Right Material Is the Key!


Many people think that dark grey ornaments are made of ordinary concrete. Nothing more misleading! The best material for making various decorative elements is creative cement, sometimes also called casting or creative concrete. Classic concrete or cement will crumble and you won’t get the shape you want. For this you need ordinary disposable gloves and something to fill the moulds with. A garden spade is perfect for this, but wash it very carefully after using it, otherwise you will end up with cement on it. Another solution may be a simple plastic cup.

#2 Mix Preparation


Remember to prepare the concrete according to the instructions. The surface should be perfectly smooth, without any air bubbles, the cement itself, in turn, must not be too dry or have too thick a consistency.

#3 Filling the Gloves


Now there is nothing left for you to do but to fill the regular latex gloves. Watch out for air that can get inside. Fingertips are the worst – the easiest way to get rid of the air is to gently prick their tips with a needle. Ideally, make 2-3 holes and push the air out.

#4 Molding


The creative concrete dries after about 15 minutes. Then form your hand into the shape you desire. Make small cuts on both sides of the glove, this will allow the mold to dry faster. Then leave the mold for several hours, it is recommended to leave our future decoration for at least 24 hours.

#5 Admiring the Artwork


Once you are sure that the molds are ready, there is nothing else left to do but cut the gloves open. Now your hands are ready and you can put them in the garden!

Remember not to get discouraged at the first failure. And the art cement can be used for many other projects as well 🙂 .

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