Summertime Works of Art. 24 Sand Sculptures Looking Just like Real Animals!

Andoni Bastarrika is a Spanish artist with workshop on the beach. He uses sand and water to create full-size sculptures. Its sand works are really realistic dogs, turtles, sharks or horses. They do look as if they were real creatures resting by the sea.

#1 A gigantic crocodile has crawled onto the land

#2 A red octopus lurking for prey

#3 A bull resting on the sidewalk along the beach

#4 A mysterious monster thrown onto the land by the waves

#5 A horse calmly posing for photos

#6 A dog waiting for its master

#7 A small colorful turtle

#8 Sea waves have just thrown a dolphin onto the shore

#9 A giant mastiff with red claws

#10 Everybody knows the dog’s name

#11 A wild puma

#12 A cheerful elephant with trunk up

#13 A huge dangerous lion

#14 A friendly-looking lion

#15 A tiger has just escaped from the zoo

#16 Hammerhead shark attack!

#17 Afternoon nap on the beach

#18 A horse with ginger mane

#19 A lion cub resting on a stone

#20 A snake baring its fangs

#21 A friendly gorilla

#22 A rhino watched by some curious kids

#23 Each dog will find its companion

#24 A bloodthirsty shark on its killing spree


Did you like these sand sculptures? Could you tell us which one was your favorite?

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