22 Examples of Graffiti Inspired by Coronavirus Pandemonium. They Are Genuine Masterpieces!

The virus has spread all over the world. In many countries the streets were empty in March and April. Well, almost empty, as street artists took advantage of this fact. Why? The answer is fairly simple. Even when everything was absolutely ok, they would work in spite of many restrictions in force. They would also wear face masks well before they were imposed by governments.

Let us have a look at how street artists perceived the situation.

#1 Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Artist: Fake

#2 Los Angeles, USA. Artist: Teachr1

#3 Copenhagen, Denmark. Artist: Welinoo

#4 Barcelona, Spain. Artist: Tvboy

#5 Los Angeles, USA. Artist: Ponywave

#6 Barcelona, Spain. Artist: Tvboy

#7 Berlin, Germany. Artist: EME Freethinker

#8 Malmö, Sweden. Artist: Richard Juggins

#9 Pompei, Italy. Artist: Nello Petrucci

#10 Los Angeles, USA. Artist: Rasmus Balstrøm

#11 Glasgow, Great Britain. Artist: The Rebel Bear

#12 Mumbai, India. Artist: Tyler Street Art

#13 Barcelona, Spain. Artist: Tvboy

#14 Copenhagen, Denmark. Artist: Andreas Welin

#15 Great Britain. Artist: Gnasher

#16 Bryne, Norway. Artist: Pøbel

#17 London, Great Britain. Artist: Pegasus

#18 Miami, USA. Artist: Sean ‘Hula’ Yoro

#19 New York, USA. Artist: Jilly Ballistic20

#20 Los Angeles, USA. Artist: Jules Muck

#21 Glasgow, Great Britain. Artist: The Rebel Bear

#22 Los Angeles, USA. Artist: Ruben Rojas

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