17 Phenomenal Snow Sculptures That Are Better Than Any Snowman Can Ever be!

Whenever a good amount of snow falls, most people are happy to take advantage of the winter weather. One Japanese artist, going by the pseudonym mokomoko_2015, uses the white goodness to build up unusual sculptures. He draws inspiration from Japanese animated films, comic books, computer games and American pop culture.

#1 Shark Will Swallow up Anyone Trespassing on his Property

#2 A Character From the Japanese Manga Series Demon Slayer-Kimetsu No Yaiba

#3 Pokémon Charmander With a Flaming Tail

#4 Cats From the Japanese Anime Kiki’s Delivery Service

#5 Recognised Pokémon Yamper?

#6 The Very Cute Pokémon Minccino

#7 Minions…..

#8 Pigmon a Passive Kaiju Species, Also Known as Friendly Monster

#9 Japanese Animated Fantasy Film, My Neighbor Totoro

#10 Catbus From the Anime My Neighbor Totoro

#11 Bulbasaur From Pokémon

#12 Penguins

#13 Here’s Pokémon Golbat

#14 Just a Sitting Cat

#15 The Pokémon Magikarp

#16 The Pokémon Alcremie

#17 Cute Star Wars Robots


A glow-in-the-dark Godzilla.

Which of these wonderful snow sculptures caught your eye?

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