17 Masterpiece Tattoos. Each Has Got a Story and Some Meaning Behind

You have to admit there are tattoos that look beautiful, no matter if you are into tattoos or not. There are some which are not be admired, as they tell a story only their owner knows. Here comes a collection of such tattoos, the wonderful and the meaningful ones, too.

#1 A severe burn covered with a tattoo

#2 Together with my wife we have got tattoos showing planets’ location on the day we got married

#3 My girlfriend has a tattoo showing her cat wearing shark’s outfit. The cat is also in the picture.

#4 It’s all about your sense of humour

#5 My mother’s tattoo, representing the date of birth and death of her mum and the heart beat with signature. When she passes away, I will have the same made, of course with my mother’s details.

#6 Me and my dog

#7 A tattoo that opens and closes

#8 I managed to turn a scar into something more original

#9 An amazing 3-D tattoo

#10 This one is really impressive

#11 Two fists in one

#12 This one stands for my heart transplantation

#13 Bees for the beekeepers

#14 My dad died 7 years ago. We had this tattoo made when he was 18. When I was 18, I did the same

#15 About a month ago I lost a friend in a climbing accident…

#16 After her son dies, she tattooed the message she had received just before he passed away

#17 With my parents we moved from Australia to Ireland when I was ten. Now I am 20 years old and this is my tattoo.

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