Office Clips and the Variety of Their Applications. It's Not Only Office You Can Fall Back on Them!

    Office Clips and the Variety of Their Applications. It's Not Only Office You Can Fall Back on Them!

    6:25 PM EDT, October 3, 2023, updated: 1:28 PM EDT, October 5, 2023

    Normally they are used to keep your documents and other pieces of paper in order. In fact, their potential goes well beyond the office. Today we will show you just a couple of interesting solutions to make you appreciate these little items. You will never get rid of them anymore!

    #1 Sponges

    Office clips will come in handy if you want your kitchen sponges to dry much faster and consequently prevent bacteria growth. Press the clip on the sponge so that the water comes out more quickly.

    A variety of office clips applications

    #2 Rubber gloves

    It doesn't matter if you use rubber gloves to wash the dishes, clean or work in the garden. At the end of the day they have to be stored in an appropriate place. You can wash them and hang them on a cabinet door. Just attach some plastic hooks to the door and then fix the clips. Storing the gloves will be so much easier now.

    #3 Making tea

    How many times has your tea bag sunk in the mug? It has happened way too many times in my case, so I decided to do something about it at last. With a tiny paper clip I secure the string and that's it!

    A variety of office clips applications

    #4 Garbage bags

    Are you sick and tired of the garbage bag sliding down the bucket? Relax – with two paper clips you can take control of the garbage situation. That will absolutely do to keep the bag in the right position.

    #5 Storing open bags of frozen foods

    If you want to find some extra space in your freezer or you just don't want the contents of the already open bags to scatter all over the place, just hang them in the way shown in the photo securing them, of course with office clips.

    A variety of office clips applications

    #6 Saving space

    If there are plenty of bottles in your refrigerator, it's worth making use of the clips as supports. In this way you can pile up the bottles to form a pyramid, saving in this way quite a lot of space for other products.

    #7 Protecting razors while travelling

    If you want to safely carry your razors with you while travelling, put on an office clip on the blade to keep other items safe from cutting.

    A variety of office clips applications

    #8 Storing hair rubber bands

    Paper clips can offer their help to keep all your hair rubber bands in order. Without losing a single one, you can safely keep them at home or take with you whenever you set off for your holidays.

    #9 Another way to display photographs

    In such a simple way you can create a very original photo exhibition.

    A variety of office clips applications

    #10 Squeezing toothpaste out

    Thanks to your office clip you will waste much less toothpaste that would normally end up thrown away inside the tube.

    #11 Smartphone holder

    If you have lost your car smartphone holder but you badly need to charge it or use your sat-nav, a big paper clip and a rubber band will quickly solve the problem.

    A variety of office clips applications

    #12 Managing your cables

    Too many cables on the desk? Something has fallen down again and you need to crawl to pick it up? With just a few office clips attached to the edge of your desk the cables can be easily kept in an accessible spot.

    #13 Replacing the broken elements

    If you use a wireless keyboard then you should know that after some time the plastic supports might break off. Still, it's not a reason to throw the keyboard away. Replace the broken piece with the metal elements of office clips and the keyboard might be used for a couple of month more.

    A variety of office clips applications

    #14 A smartphone stand

    Would you like to watch a film yet you don’t feel like holding the phone in your hands all the time? Get two office clips and a piece of cardboard – that is enough to make a perfect smartphone stand.

    #15 Storing your earphones

    If you don't want your earphones to tangle anytime you pack them before going somewhere, you can wrap them round an office clip in the way shown in the photo.

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