11 Unusual Animals Showing the Nature That You Didn’t Know Yet

Animals, especially the rare and unusual ones, can fascinate us and stimulate our imagination. No matter how much we read about the world, there is always something to surprise us.
Just like the animals below.

#1 This is gonna hurt

A highly toxic Dofleinia armata. The wounds it inflicts are very painful and they take ages to heal. This one was found on a beach near Broome in West Australia.

#2 A fish called camel

#3 And that’s what you call a tongue

Lion’s tongue is rougher than sandpaper. Thanks to its anatomy, one lion’s lick or two would be peel your face or hand. Completely.

#4 A spider pulls shell into a tree for shelter

#5 A yawning mandrill clearly demonstrates why you should never mess around with him

#6 Bird threading pine needles through a leaf to shelter its nest

#7 A man or a monkey?

Unique pigmentation results in the female gorilla’s hand looking so human that we are clearly aware of the genetic similarities between this species and people.

#8 Gigantic jellyfish goes hunting

#9 A hairless chimpanzee

#10 Ghost crabs can run really fast

#11 Ayam Cemani is a very rare variety of chicken, common in Indonesia. Even its bones and internal organs are black.

BONUS: this monkey called Rambo is better at the wheel than many human drivers

Which one surprised you the most?

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