Another Secret Solved! 5 Reasons Why Cats Love Cardboard Boxes!

Everyone who has got a cat knows that these animals love lying in boxes. Instead of elegant (and sometimes very expensive) beds, they prefer ordinary cardboard! Why is that so?

Cat beds somehow unattractive

Knowing from our in-house observations, cats can squeeze in anywhere. No matter if it’s a small basket, a tiny bag or a minute bowl. The furry pets have proven all so many times that they are very flexible and can fall asleep in a position most humans would find rather uncomfortable. Still, one of their favorite resting spots are cardboard boxes.

Why do cats love boxes?

#1 They look for shelter and escape from people

As behaviorists have demonstrated, cats are not particularly fond of socializing and they are not very good at solving conflicts. When they fall out with people or other animals, they look for a place to hide and, simply speaking, get away from it all. Boxes match the definitions for sure!

#2 Ambush

Cats are natural born hunters. That is why they need a good place to lie in wait watching their prey. I bet many of you have already learned how sharp their claws can be then!

#3 Dealing with stress

An experiment was carried out in Holland. Cats from animal shelter who chose boxes as their beds were found to handle stress much better, they got on with people and also much more easily adapted to new environment.

#4 Safe shelter

Cats feel safe in boxes. They can control their environment watching the room all around them and they are not prone to unexpected attacks. There is no risk that somebody will attack them from behind.

#5 Body temperature control

Cats feel thermally comfortable (feeling neither hot nor cold) when the ambient temperature ranges from 30 to 38 degrees C. As we all know, our houses are much colder. That is why cats prefer tight spaces.


Wild cats love the boxes too

What is your cat’s favorite sleeping spot?

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