15 Astonishingly Large Animals. Look at the Photos Comparing Their Size to Ours and You Will Soon Realize What We Are Talking About

The rule has always been the same. The big one eats the small one. However, some creatures are so huge that there is nothing else that can attack them. We have collected a few intriguing pictures of some gigantic animals.

#15 King cobra is the largest venomous snake in the world. It can be even 6.5 meters long. The photo shows a 17-year-old cobra and its 3-week-old ‘baby’

#14 Don’t mess around with coconut crabs. Their pincers are strong enough to crack the nuts their name comes from

#13 Some predator birds are really huge. Take a look at this white-bellied sea eagle

#12 Australian saltwater crocodiles can be up to 7 meters long

#11 Japanese spider crabs have leg span of up to 2.5 meters

#10 This is what horse lungs look like

#9 Pyrosomes are gigantic organisms, being in fact colonies of a variety of creatures, living in the oceans

#8 This is what the giant deer looked like. It became extinct a few thousand years ago

#7 Leatherback sea turtles can be 2.5 meters long. They are some of the largest turtles on our planet

#6 A caterpillar of the Atlas moth

#5 Hart of the blue whale is enormous. It weighs 2.5 tones!

#4 The harpy eagle is one of the strongest predator birds on our planet

#3 Take a look at the harpy eagle’s talons

#2 Valonia ventricosa is the largest single-cell organism

#1 Japanese giant salamander is the largest amphibian on our planet. As you can guess, it lives in Japan

Bonus image. Of course the smallest creatures are the cutest!

Potato puppies

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