A Properly Made Bee Watering Station Can Save Plenty of These Useful Insects

May 20 is World Bee Day. And though sometimes they are not as cute as some of the cartoon characters, they are certainly some of the most useful creatures. It is thanks to them that your garden blooms. To make sure that happens every year, let’s prepare a bee watering station!

Busy bees

First we need to explain why we need such a station at all.
Thanks to it, the bees will stay properly hydrated which is not so easy on a boiling summer day. Some of them get so engaged in their work that they forget about their own needs. Some of them realize that when it is way too late. And if they do not find any water, their bound to die.

‘That’s where we feel good!’

Bees have got fantastic special intelligence and they are very likely to come back to your garden just because they found some water there. If you give them some water, they will do your plants a favor, too.

Stay sensible

The watering station can be made of actually anything. The water should not be too deep, though as bees might drown. Make sure that it doesn’t leak – once bees get used to it they need to rely on it. Of course the material used must not contain any hazardous substances, for example paints.


More than decoration

The watering station can be covered with moss, sticks and tiny coarse pebbles. However, some beekeepers recommend small glass balls. This will create a very natural-like environment where the bees will feel good. Also, make sure that there are no elements that can contaminate the water (for example leaves).

In harmony with nature

That’s roughly everything. Remember to keep the station filled. If you are looking for some particular inspirations, you will find them in the photos. We hope that you and your bees all have a wonderful summer!

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