17 Photos of a Postman Making Friends with Animals

A man of a big heart who always helps animals in need. Not only does he make friends with most of the pets in his neighborhood, but he also supports several animal shelters.

Cristiano da Silva Antunes from Sao Paolo, Brasil, breaks all the postman stereotypes

Instead of running away from the dogs, he just… shakes hands with them!

His social media nickname is Carteiro Amigo Dos Animais

Translated into English it means ‘ A pet-friendly postman’

He gets on really well with all animals and he never hides his love for animals

He helps the local animal shelters and uses his Instagram account to find home for abandoned animals

Apparently he has some secret way to find a common language with all the pets

The size does not matter

But the way his friends look, does!

He is the biggest friend of all cats, dogs and rabbits in his area

Even when he cycles, not even a single dog will bark at him

Instead, they are really happy to see him

No wonder they want to have photos with him!

Unfortunately, all they can do sometimes is to stick their mouth out through the gate




Whenever they can, they are much more tender

Cats have their ways of showing their feelings for him


Undoubtedly, he is really popular there!

Just take a look at how happy the dog is!

Does your dog like your postman so much, too?

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