An American Company Has Created Milk That Has Got Nothing to Do With Cows. Is That Possible?

    An American Company Has Created Milk That Has Got Nothing to Do With Cows. Is That Possible?

    An American Company Has Created Milk That Has Got Nothing to Do With Cows. Is That Possible?
    12:06 PM EDT, April 5, 2022

    With more and more people giving up animal-based products, a growing number of companies strive to meet the demand for vegan food. Like an America company which has come up with lab-made milk.

    Vegan dairy trending

    Plant replacements take over more and more supermarket shelves. Nobody is surprised to see vegetarian burgers or sausages. Last year one of the most popular products was a watermelon-based tuna. The recipe was shared a number of times over Tik-Tok receiving thousands of comments.

    However, most replacements have got one serious flaw – the flavor is not exactly the same. So many people miss genuine yoghurt, cheese or cow milk.

    However, there is a chance that we will soon be able to enjoy the taste of good dairy without any remorse.

    Vegan cow milk?

    This sounds rather ridiculous. Still, with the rapid progress of technology impossible things very often turn real sooner that one might expect. The Perfect Day from California uses fungus to generate cow milk which, on the molecular level, is identical to the cow's.


    Although Perfect Day products do not contain lactose, hormones or cholesterol, it is not recommended for people allergic to dairy.

    It does not change the fact that it could be used to produce cheese and yoghurt that taste like those made with cow's milk.

    Lab-made milk ingredients and where you can get it

    The Perfect Day milk protein is already used to make Brave Robot ice-cream. Another tycoon keen to get the milk created by fungus is Starbucks.

    Perfect Day makes milk thanks to fermented microbiota. Some fungus strains produce casein and whey, which are two important kinds of milk protein. Genetically modified fungus is encoded using cattle DNA which creates whey protein. Then it is fed with sugar to create milk protein. Those are later dried and sold as powder which can be used to make milk, cheese and ice-cream.

    Replacing dairy with Perfect Day technology could slash water consumption by 98% and energy by 65%. It will also reduce CO2 emission and the exploitation of soil by cutting down deforestation rate.

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