An Innovative Approach to Washing-up That Has Already Gone Viral

    An Innovative Approach to Washing-up That Has Already Gone Viral

    5:03 PM EST, November 4, 2020, updated: 5:55 PM EST, November 4, 2020

    With all the household chores we have to deal with, we wish we could spend less time washing up clothes, bedsheets or towels. So we just put the laundry into the washing machine, set the right program and that’s it. Sometimes, however, this is not enough.

    Ripping the dirt off

    Laundry stripping, the method in question, has already gone viral. It is all about leaving the laundry in water for several hours to remove any dirt residue that is invisible at first sight (detergent residue, cosmetics used for everyday body care as well as minerals and metals present in water). In fact, laundry stripping is nothing but removing dirt from things that seem clean. It is strongly recommended for washing up towels, dishrags, reusable diapers, bedsheets, work outfits, tablecloths or very dirty clothes.


    Leaving the laundry on water for some time is hardly an innovative method. I remember my own grandmother who would leave the clothes in a giant bathtub to put it all in the washing machine later of. Of course she would keep changing the water until it got crystal clear.

    Laundry stripping step by step

    1. Fill the bathtub with hot water.

    2. Add the following agents in 1:1:2 proportion:

    borax (an eco-friendly cleaning agents commonly available online),

    baking soda,

    • any washing detergent you normally use.


    3. Stir it all until all agents dissolve and put all the clothes you want to wash.

    4. Leave it all in the water for four hours, stirring it well every hour.


    5. After 4 hours you will see the bathtub water going brownish. I am sure it will be dirtier than you expect.

    6. Put all the laundry into the washing machine and wash it all as you always do.


    Have you ever heard about it? Do you think you will give it a try?

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