An Easy Way to Quickly Switch the Zebra Crossing Lights

    An Easy Way to Quickly Switch the Zebra Crossing Lights

    An Easy Way to Quickly Switch the Zebra Crossing Lights
    6:19 PM EDT, June 24, 2020

    How much time do you spend waiting at the zebra crossing before the light turns green?

    How many times did it take you way too long? Sometimes the system is designed to let through far more cars than passengers. However, there is a trick you can fall back on thanks to which you will forget what it means to wait at the zebra crossing lights. Find out how to switch on the green light!

    There is a trick to do it really quickly!

    You must have noticed the buttons at the crossing. Thanks to them the system switches on the green light for the pedestrians slightly faster. In fact, the buttons were designed using an international code. The code is used in emergency by law-enforcement officers to cross the streets faster.

    The code is based on Morse code. The yellow buttons have another hidden button underneath which, if pressed in a right sequence, switches the green light faster. Press it quickly 3 times, then 3 times a bit longer, and again three times quickly. The lights should go green immediately.

    You already know how to switch the green lights quickly. Remember that you can use it only in emergency. If you are not in a hurry, simply wait!

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