Luggage Padlocks Are Useless! Airport Staff Can Open Them With a Pen

    Luggage Padlocks Are Useless! Airport Staff Can Open Them With a Pen

    Luggage Padlocks Are Useless! Airport Staff Can Open Them With a Pen
    3:15 PM EDT, July 19, 2022, updated: 6:47 PM EDT, July 27, 2022

    Every profession has its secrets. It is no different with airline employees. Among them, there are people who have decided to let out the shroud of secrecy and reveal some details that passengers have no idea about.

    #1 The Captain and His Deputy Get Different Meals


    If one of the pilots gets poisoned and is unable to fly the plane, he is replaced by his deputy. This procedure does not work in all airlines.

    #2 Not All Minor Mistakes Are Fixed Immediately

    The list of things to check before a flight is huge. Still, there are minor errors that do not affect safety and can be checked later to avoid delays.

    #3 Here’s What the Handles at the Inside of the Airplane Door Are For

    They are designed for flight attendants in case of panic on board. When an emergency exit is being prepared, people in a panic can accidentally knock them down or even push them out of the plane. These handles help attendants stay upright.

    #4 The Door Leading to the Lavatory Can Be Easily Opened From the Outside.

    This is possible thanks to a special switch on the door, which is hidden under a "no smoking" or "toilet" notice. This solution, of course, is not intended to invade the privacy of passengers, but is intended to help in case the person inside feels unwell.

    #5 Locks Do Not Protect Luggage

    © bosnianbill
    © bosnianbill

    Safeguards of this type often prove useless. They can be removed with a pencil or pen.

    #6 Airline Employees and Their Immediate Family Members Can Count on Discounts When It Comes to Ticket Prices

    Many airlines provide very cheap and sometimes even free tickets to their employees, their children and their spouses.

    #7 Here’s Why You Can’t Smoke Cigarettes on Board

    It is widely believed that the smoking ban is tied to the danger of fire and passive smoking. As for the first reason, it is questionable, given that smoking was previously permitted and no fires occurred. In fact, the real reason is related to economic issues - the air on board is constantly filtered, so smoke makes equipment (including filters) wear out faster.

    #8 Airline Tickets

    Many people follow the rule when buying tickets: the earlier you buy airline tickets, the less you will pay for them. However, it is worth knowing that on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, tickets are actually slightly cheaper.

    #9 Luggage Can Go Missing Because:

    • It was sent for additional inspection and was not returned on time
    • A mistake by an employee who placed the luggage on the wrong cart, causing it to go to the wrong place
    • An airport employee placed the wrong sticker on the suitcase
    • Passenger failed to remove sticker after previous trip
    • Luggage was lost during connecting flights
    • The suitcase fell off the cart and no one noticed it. However, this happens rarely

    #10 Be Courteous and You Won’t Regret It

    Stewardesses admit that if passengers are nice, they can count on extra bonuses. Are you bothered by the noisy passenger next to you? If you explain your position in a polite and logical way, there is a good chance that the staff will help you and you will get another seat.

    #11 Mobile Phone Use on Board an Airplane

    The phone can affect the radio signal, which can interfere with the pilot, who communicates with the dispatcher, passing important information to each other.

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