Air Travelers Prefer to Avoid the Code “SSSS” on Their Boarding Pass

    Air Travelers Prefer to Avoid the Code “SSSS” on Their Boarding Pass

    Air Travelers Prefer to Avoid the Code “SSSS” on Their Boarding Pass
    1:55 PM EDT, July 19, 2022

    Traveling these days is extremely easy. Anyone can buy an airline ticket and travel to the corner of the world of their choice. However, sometimes some people will see the mysterious abbreviation "SSSS" on their boarding pass. How can it be explained?

    # What Does the Abbreviation “ssss” on the Boarding Pass Stand For?

    Very few people know what the four letters S in the corner of a boarding pass actually symbolize. The U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA for short) explains that "SSSS" stands for Secondary Security Screening Selection. It's a passenger screening and selection system. A person who has been selected for it by airport staff can expect his boarding to be delayed by 15-45 minutes. During this time, she will be subjected to a thorough personal inspection and her carry-on luggage will be searched.

    Bahman Kalbasi/twitter
    Bahman Kalbasi/twitter

    # The First Sign That You Have Been Singled Out for Scrutiny

    American Ashlea Halpern and her partner encountered just such a situation. The couple was returning to Dallas from a month-long trip through Turkey and Georgia. The whole adventure took place in the fall of 2021. The first sign that you may be labeled with the acronym "SSSS" is the inability to check in online. Only at the airport will the check-in clerk print out your boarding pass with the letter code. This is exactly what happened in the case of Ashlea and her partner.

    # Thorough Search of Luggage

    The TSA security agent then scanned their boarding passes and asked them to step aside. Later, the couple was asked to remove their shoes and coats, and take out all their electronics. They also had to go through metal detectors and a body scanner. They were also given a personal search. What's more, a swab was taken from their feet and hands to detect the presence of explosives. Finally, the agents searched their carry-on luggage, as well as their checked bags. The inspection passed in a pleasant atmosphere, and the agents were exceptionally friendly. They apologized for the inconvenience, and fortunately Ashlea and her companion were able to board the plane in peace.

    You already know what the abbreviation "SSSS" on your boarding pass means. Now review the airplane savoir-vivre.

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