A聽Stork Has Been Returning to聽His Disabled Partner for 19 Years. He聽Travels More than 14 Thousand Kilometers to聽Meet聽Her

    A Stork Has Been Returning to His Disabled Partner for 19 Years. He Travels More than 14 Thousand Kilometers to Meet Her

    3:50 PM EST, March 8, 2022, updated:聽5:27 PM EST, March 8, 2022

    Stories of great love also happen in the animal world. The best example of this is a certain pair of storks in love. 馃槈


    Domesticated Stork

    Stjepan Voki膰 is a widower who leads a life in the Croatian village of Brodski Varo拧. In 1993, he took care of a female stork shot by hunters. He named her Malena and built a nest on the roof of his house especially for her. After some time a certain handsome stork - Klepetan - became interested in Malena.


    Stork love

    The pair spent the summer together, and in autumn the male flew away to Africa. This is what his instinct told him. Malena due to a damaged wing stayed in Croatia. How surprised everyone was when after several months Klepetan returned to his love. He traveled over 14 thousand kilometers to meet Malena again in spring.


    Fish for Greeting

    The stork arrives in the village of Brodsky Varo拧 every year in March. Last year was 19 years since Klepetan and Malena became a couple. They lived to see more than 60 young together. It must be true love . 馃槈 In 2022 Stjepan Voki膰 is expecting the return of the stork in love for the 20th time. To welcome him he always gives him a big portion of fish.


    Wintering in a Warm Cell

    Malena, on the other hand, spends the winter in a specially built and heated cell for her. She has an aquarium full of fish in it, and her host rubs ointment on her legs to moisten her skin. The stork and Stjepan are already preparing for Klepetan's 20th consecutive return.

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