A Simple Trick to Fit a Disposable Face Mask at a Glance!

    A Simple Trick to Fit a Disposable Face Mask at a Glance!

    3:03 PM EST, November 15, 2020

    For some people, masks are a nightmare, but let us remember that they serve to protect not only us but also those around us. That's why it is worth to fit them better to the face with one simple trick.

    Simple Adjustment of the Mask to the Face

    Unfortunately, even surgical masks bought in the store are not always as effective as we would like. Why? Many people leave a gap on both sides of the face, which allows the free flow of air. So it is really as if we do not wear a mask at all. Fortunately, there is a simple solution, which is presented by the dentist Olivia Cuid. On her TikTok video she solves the problem with side holes in less than a minute. See for yourself how simple it is.


    Wasn't that easy?

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