A DIY Way to Fix Cracked Shoes

    A DIY Way to Fix Cracked Shoes

    A DIY Way to Fix Cracked Shoes
    6:28 PM EDT, July 4, 2020

    How many times have you happened to buy a new pair of shoes, and after a few days discover some cracks? Of course it has got nothing to do with the usual wear and tear. Still, nobody would like to see it. Is there a simple ways to remove such cracks? Yes, there is! The idea came from a woman who must have been furious to see yet another crack on her yet another pair of shoes.

    How to fix cracked shoes

    As a matter of fact most of us would hate to see it. No wonder then that a DIY idea to solve the problem would be really appreciated!


    Shantel De Bonsu decided to share her idea how to fix the cracked shoes with the rest of the world. The inspiration was her love for shoes as well as the fact that as a child she didn’t use to have many pairs. That is why she promised that to herself that she would take care of every single shoe belonging to her in her entire life. This is what she has decided to share!


    Removing cracks on shoes

    This is what you need:

    - a small towel,

    - a sock, a piece of paper or an old T-shirt,

    - an iron,

    - hot water

    Step 1:

    Stuff the shoe with the sock, old T-shirt or another piece of cloth. It is important to stuff it as much as possible, so that the shoe is stiff.

    Step 2

    Soak the towel with water. then squeeze the water so that the towel would be dump.

    Step 3

    Put the towel on the tip of the shoe

    Step 4


    No switch on the iron. If you are afraid of burning the shoe, use the steam ironing mode. Place the iron over the shoe. Watch the towel and the shoe all the time if they’re not getting burned. The time and distance between the iron and shoe matter. Depending on the cracks you might repeat it.


    You can see the whole procedure in the video below

    What do you think about it? Or perhaps you don’t care about the cracks and wrinkles that appear on brand new shoes sometimes? Let us know.
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