A Chihuahua Kept Escaping through a Hole between the Fence Bars. The Owner Found a Comical Way to Prevent It

    A Chihuahua Kept Escaping through a Hole between the Fence Bars. The Owner Found a Comical Way to Prevent It

    4:17 PM EDT, June 15, 2022

    American Julia Morley and chihuahua Lu-Seal met at a dog shelter in Pittsburgh. The girls fell in love with each other, though at the time they didn't yet know how many adventures (and a bit of Instagram fame) awaited them together.


    # "We Immediately Loved Each Other!"

    The moment our heroines met, they immediately faced their first challenge together. Lu-Seal was incredibly fat - she weighed over 7 pounds, which is about 2 times more than a dog of her breed and size should. Julia decided not to waste any time and fight for the health of her new charge.


    # "We're Getting in Shape!"

    The woman walked Lu-Seal as often as she could and fed her only healthy food in balanced form. Both things were quite new and challenging for the pooch. So it wasn't easy, but thanks to a ton of patience and a strong bond between our two heroines, the chihuahua lost weight to her normal weight. And this undoubted success moments later proved to be another problem….


    # Hole in the Whole

    Not long after Lu-Seal became a slim, agile and bouncy dog, a new fence was installed in front of Julia's house. While the old Lu-Seal wouldn't have been able to squeeze through it for anything, in her slimmed-down version she was able to go through the bars without a problem. And she went through them as often as she saw one of her favorite neighbors who used to feed her treats - in other words, she went through them several times a day.


    # "I'll Attach a Big-a*s Spoon to Her Back!"

    Julia obviously didn't want her pet to get run over by a car. She ordered to fix to make the gaps between the bars. But the fence contractor was not able to do it right away. The woman had to find a temporary solution. Someone on the internet jokingly suggested to her that she should attach a big wooden "safety bucket" on Lu-Seal's back.


    # Star

    Julia is probably someone who took it very literally, because she took the spoon idea very seriously. And then she made a funny video that has over a dozen views

    Lu-Seal with a huge wooden spoon on her back ran only for a week, but she became so popular thanks to it that Julia even started selling T-shirts with her image:


    # BONUS

    Other people follow same trend with the spoon anti-escape cover.

    What are you most likely to feed your pet?

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