A 13‑Year-Old Teenager Built a House in the Garden Himself. Inside It Looks Even Better!

    A 13-Year-Old Teenager Built a House in the Garden Himself. Inside It Looks Even Better!

    7:13 PM EDT, July 2, 2020, updated: 2:48 PM EDT, July 4, 2020

    Luke Thill (13) is a boy standing out from the crowd of his peers. Although it is difficult to imagine, he decided to build a garden house… himself! The whole project cost him approximately $1,500. The effect? Take a look!

    While his friends are busy with gadgets and video games, Luke decided to go his own way


    He was simply bored with all the things his peers were into. He planned everything well and got down to work.

    Saving the necessary cash and collecting construction materials took him a year


    Luke has a head for business. He cleaned up a garage for someone and, favour for favour, he had the electrical wiring installed. 75% of all materials used for construction were recycled. The front door was a gift from his uncle.

    The house is about 3 metres long and almost 2 metres wide. It hasn’t got the sanitation yet.

    Facebook/Luke Thill
    Facebook/Luke Thill

    ‘I like minimalism and I didn’t want to take any loans’, he admitted.

    Of course that wouldn’t have been possible if it hadn’t been for Luke’s parents help, who gave him a hand during construction and also supported him financially. Anyway, it is still Luke who gave it his whole heart and made the biggest effort.

    The house is a fantastic place for a teenager like Luke. He has everything you can find in a common house – a microwave, a TV or a bed.

    Facebook/Luke Thill
    Facebook/Luke Thill

    No wonder that he spends lots of time there. He says this is an ideal place to sleep or do homework. ‘I would like to show children that even at this age you can create something amazing’

    See the video to admire the whole house

    The story of this thirteen-year-old boy is a perfect example of how you can make your dreams come true at such young age. The world is not just about computer games. That’s a good boy!

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