9 of Most Important Statements That Tap Water Is Better Than Bottled  Water

    9 of Most Important Statements That Tap Water Is Better Than Bottled  Water

    3:46 PM EST, November 5, 2020

    Plastic bottles are the most commonly used items for storing liquids. Few people know, however, that they are not as safe as accepting them even from glass bottles.

    People are often sceptical about water coming directly from the tap and think that bottled water is much safer. Are you sure? It turns out that the truth is completely different.

    Here are 9 reasons why we should avoid drinking water from plastic bottles. It is not overflowing!

    1. Bottled Water Can Be Less Safe Than Tap Water


    Tap water must meet many standards, while bottled water does not have to comply with the same regulations. Of course, this also works the other way around - a lack of supervision of tap water can make it much more dangerous for us than bottled water, which is generally known as "clean". But it is only an illusion. In fact, we have no idea what is really in.

    2. Plastic Bottles Release Chemicals


    You have probably already noticed that plastic bottles become softer when exposed to the sun. What's more, plastic can melt if it gets enough heat - it's no coincidence that the water suddenly starts "tasting plasticky"! The chemicals in the plastic can bleed and penetrate the water.

    The biggest pest, in this case, is BPA (a chemical compound contained in plastic), which acts as a hormone and can affect brain development in infants.

    3. Benefits of Drinking Bottled Water Have Not Been Demonstrated


    The NDRC has conducted a 4-year study on the safety of bottled water drinking and has found no evidence that bottled water could be better in any way. Conclusion? There are absolutely no benefits to drinking water from a designer bottle for which we have to pay a few more cents. Just drink tap water instead!

    4. Bottled Water in Many Countries Often Comes From the Tap


    5. Plastic Waste Pollutes the Environment


    Water all is gone, now what about the bottle? The high demand for plastic bottles is associated with annual oil consumption of over 17 million barrels!

    6. Bottled Water Is Expensive


    Tap water costs much less than bottled water. So why pay for what we get practically free?

    7. Landfill Sites Are Full of Plastic Bottles


    US landfills accept more than 2 million tons of plastic bottles annually! Fortunately, PET bottles can be recycled, but only one in five bottles goes into the garbage can and is then processed. All the rest pollutes our planet. Important to mention that plastic bottle only biodegrades completely after 450 years!

    8. Tap Water Is Extremely Safe


    The tap water undergoes many tests before it finally reaches it. Some cities require the quality of the water to be tested up to 100 times per month.

    9. Bottled Water Is a Waste of Tons of Water


    A large amount of water is required for the production of plastic. Although it is a little strange, it takes a lot of water to make just the one bottle. In fact, it needs more water than the bottle itself can hold.

    Do you drink tap water or do you buy bottled water usually?

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