9 Everyday Items That Can Save Your Life In A Dangerous Situation

    9 Everyday Items That Can Save Your Life In A Dangerous Situation

    9 Everyday Items That Can Save Your Life In A Dangerous Situation
    2:46 PM EDT, July 14, 2021, updated: 6:21 PM EDT, July 19, 2021

    In situations with no way out, we always look for solutions that are not obvious at first glance. Sometimes it is difficult, but our mind is the most powerful weapon and we always manage to come up with something that can save your life!

    Here are 9 tricks that can come in handy when you least expect it! It is worth knowing them!

    #1 Use Ice Cube to Light a Campfire


    Playing in the snow is a great way to spend a free winter day, but weather conditions can change quickly and fun can quickly become dangerous. If you've gone on vacation to the mountains and don't have the option of returning to a warm guesthouse, your best bet is to make a campfire. Take the cleanest piece of ice you can find, then use the warmth of your hands to make it into a reasonably smooth, round lens surface. Gather some twigs and light a campfire. Of course, sunny weather is essential for this to be possible.

    #2 Make a Fire Using Batteries and Gum Wrap

    Cut a thin strip from a gum wrapper, then fold it in half and cut it diagonally. When you unroll the strip, you should have a narrow space in the middle. Place the strip just cut on the positive and negative ends of the battery. Make sure that the metal side of the strip touches the battery and not the paper side. The paper should start to burn. This method only works with those gum wraps that have a metallic side to it.

    #3 Gas Mask From a Bra


    When you are in a dangerous situation such as. fire or gas leak, you may face serious breathing problems due to inhalation of smoke, toxic ash, pulverized concrete, dust etc. Using a cup from a bra, you can easily start breathing even in the least favorable conditions. Most are perfectly sized to cover your nose and mouth, and the straps can be rearranged to fit behind your head.

    You can also buy a special bra that is also designed to act as a gas mask in an emergency. It separates into two parts, so you can also help someone in need, and it also comes with a radiation detector. Note: It is always better to use a special gas mask, which can provide protection against toxic gaseous and dusty materials.

    #4 A Pad as a Bandage


    During World War I, sanitary pads were used during surgical procedures, so it should come as no surprise that today's sanitary pads can be useful for dressing wounds. Glue two large sanitary pads together and wrap them around the wound.

    #5 Toothpaste for Insect Bites


    Toothpaste can be used to treat skin irritation caused by insect bites such as mosquitoes. You can also use it to heal blisters. Toothpaste can reduce itching and swelling. For blisters, apply it on a patch before going to bed, while if you want to use it on bug bites, apply it topically. Also, the paste cools and soothes minor burns if applied immediately after they occur.

    Note: Use toothpaste to treat only minor burns. Using toothpaste for severe burns  can do more harm than good.

    #6 Water Filtration Shirt


    There are many ways to filter water, but if you find yourself in an emergency situation and have access to water that is not drinkable you can use a t-shirt to filter it. Cut a piece of cloth, dip one end of the cloth into a container of cloudy water, and dip the other end into an empty container. Remember to keep the container with the dirty water at a higher level than the other container. After a while, you will see clean water dripping into the empty container. After filtering, it is a good idea to boil the water before drinking.

    #7 Fork as a Weapon


    Most of us have access to a fork at home and also when camping. The sharpened edges of a fork can be used to fight off a minor wild animal that may be trying to attack you, or to scare off someone who tries to get too close.

    #8 Laces to Cut Rope


    IIf you’re ever in an unfortunate situation where you’re being held captive, it’s good to be prepared with a few methods of escape. Plastic zip ties are among the restraints of choice nowadays. So, let's find out how to snap them with shoe laces.

    Both shoes should be untied. With hands bound in front of him, he places the tip of one lace on the back part of his shoe. Next, he slips the string through the zip ties on his wrists. Taking a lace from the other shoe, he ties a tight knot with both laces. Once that’s done, the feet are pedaled as if riding a bike until the zip ties snap.

    #9 Bar to Close the Door


    In case of an emergency, it is a good idea to hide in a safe room, bolt the entrance, stay low and wait for help. If you don't have furniture or something to secure the door with you can use your belt to secure the hinges. The trick only works with doors like the one pictured above.

    Which thing surprised you the most?

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