8 Units That Affect Your WIFI Performance at Home!

    8 Units That Affect Your WIFI Performance at Home!

    1:37 PM EDT, October 11, 2020, updated: 2:06 PM EDT, October 11, 2020

    Raise your hand if you’ve never experienced the stress of a lousy WIFI when you most need it. Sometimes the problem is at the hands of our provider but the weak signal is at times totally our fault. Check out this list of 8 household items that can weaken your signal.

    #1 Metal Surfaces and Furniture


    Metal attracts energy. The electromagnetic waves sent by your router are simply absorbed by metal objects. Therefore, if you have a problem with the WiFi signal, keep your router away from metal leg desk or other appliances.

    #2 Walls


    Some wall stops the WiFi signal, especially if materials is thick as brick, concrete, stone or marble. That’s why there is often a problem with WiFi in the few storey houses…
    To overcome this, place the router in the open space, away from the walls.

    #3 Mirrors


    The mirror reflects our image but unfortunately rejects the signal from the router. If the mirror is too close to the router in the room, its signal may be much weaker.

    #4 Refrigerators and Washing Machines


    Water may retain the part of the energy from the wireless waves, which is why equipment with a water circulation has a negative impact on the quality of your internet connection.

    #5 Decorations/Christmas Lights


    Light-emitting lamps create a magnetic field that interacts with the router’s electric waves. They are not good decoration ornaments if we want to Netflix & Chill. And remember in December place the router away from the Christmas tree.

    #6 Baby Monitor


    These devices generate 2.4 GHz interference. When 2 or more devices transmit the same frequency, they use air to send data instead of transmitting waves, like in the case of a wireless connection. Although baby monitors usually require a network connection to function properly, avoid placing them too close to the router.

    #7 Drones


    Drones also operate at 2.4 GHz, but not all models generate such interference. It all depends on the power that each model needs to function. Moreover, if you use drone indoors you may not only harm your WIFI but also your roommate.

    #8 Microwave


    Its another device with a frequency spectrum similar to the one used by WiFi. If you have a router near one, place it one level up from the height of the router, that should help a bit.

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