8 Rules of Responsible Mushroom Picking. These Are the Principles of the Forest Savoir-Vivre

    8 Rules of Responsible Mushroom Picking. These Are the Principles of the Forest Savoir-Vivre

    5:39 PM EDT, October 30, 2020

    Those who love mushroom picking here are good trips. Many hours of hiking in the forest and contact with nature have a very calming effect on many people. However, during mushroom picking, several rules must be observed. All this is to ensure a safe harvest, not to hinder others from accessing the treasures of the forest, and to keep the copses and sows in perfect condition. Meet the savoir-vivre of the mushroom picker.


    Code of the Conscious Mushroom Picker

    1. Before you leave home, take the appropriate gear that will be useful in the forest. You will need a pocket knife (to check if the mushroom doesn't have a worm), a container for found mushrooms (basket, bucket, bucket). Avoid taking plastic bags. Mushrooms stored in popular plastic bags lose their taste and the juice, which is a good place for bacteria to grow.
    1. Mushrooms can be gently pulled out or gently cut right to the ground. Both methods are acceptable, but be very careful not to damage the mycelium. As a matter of fact, you can cover the place after harvesting with litter, moss or earth. This will prevent the mycelium from drying out.
    1. After the harvest, the mushrooms should be cleaned in the forest. Thanks to that you will immediately check their condition and do not get dirty in the kitchen. 😉
    1. Don't pick old mushrooms in the basket (most probably they will turn out to have worm and at home, you will throw them out). You can recognize them by their soft hat and their stem. They are a good source of spores from which new specimens will emerge.
    1. Do not collect tiny ones. At this stage of development, it is very easy to confuse edible mushrooms with poisonous ones.
    1. Collect only those mushrooms that you know and are 100% sure they are fit for consumption.
    1. Don't destroy, don't trample on mushrooms that you don't pick. Poisonous species for humans are a source of food for animals.
    1. Collect only as many mushrooms as you can eat or process. You better off bring home three ceps and throwing one of them in the garbage can. Let other people also benefit from the forest.

    Forest savoir-vivre

    The art of mushroom picking is just as important as proper behaviour in the forest. Learn a few rules to follow.

    1. Do not drive into the forest by car (except for a marked road that is allowed to be driven). Leave your car in such a place that it does not hinder other road users.
    1. Do not leave garbage in the forest. If any litter take it with you and throw them in the garbage can. Nature will be grateful to you.
    1. Do not take dogs for mushroom picking. They may scare forest animals.
    1. It is forbidden to pick mushrooms in national parks. Sometimes there are designated paths in such places where pedestrians can move around. Stick to them and do not venture into the forbidden area.
    1. If you smoke cigarettes, do not put out cigarette butts on the litter but take them with you.


    An excellent gadget, folding knife with a brush. Thanks to it you can easily slide the mushrooms and clean their tops.


    What do you think of this forest savoir-vivre mushroom picker? Do you go mushroom picking often?

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