8 cleaning mistakes everyone makes. Waste of time and money!

    8 cleaning mistakes everyone makes. Waste of time and money!

    2:11 PM EST, December 4, 2019, updated: 6:37 AM EST, December 13, 2019

    How many times during the cleaning did you look at the things which apparently look like cleaned, however, require cleaning? We often ignore some places or things thinking:

    If dust or dirt is not seen, then cleaning is unnecessary.

    Regular avoiding cleaning these places can result in development and spreading harmful bacteria which exert detremental impact on our health!

    #1 You still hold your toilet brush in the toilet

    Do you think that cleaning water closet bowl with a toilet brush can solve the problem of dirt and germs? Unfortunately, you are really in wrong!

    In the water container gather an enormous amount of bacteria which has great conditions for development in the wet and closed place. However, you can hugely lessen the amount of bacteria which are located there.  It is good to regularly pour out the water from the container and dry the brush before hide it back. Remember about systematic disinfection too.  All depends on that how often you use the brush, but if you do it often, disinfect the brush minimum once a week. It is very important because the bacteria from the cointainer can spread on the brush easily

    One of the most schocking fact about your toothbrush it is the habitat of 100 milion harmful bacteria. Apart from the bacteria from your mouth, your toothbrush can be infected by the bacteria from the tap and toilet because every time when you drain water, the bacteria can be realise to the air. They can lead to the diseases like cystitis, colon disorders or dysbacteriosis. Hide your toothbrush to the shelf or drawer in order not to result in it.

    Attachement for a toothbrush is also not a good solution because the bacteria proliferate faster in the closed environment.

    Clean your brush regularly. One of the easiest ways to disinfect a toothbrush is to keep it in the mouthwash for 30 seconds or in boiling water for 2 minutes.

    #3 Washing dishes in cold water

    Cleaning agents are more effective in warm water. The ideal water temperature is 10 degrees higher than water in the room. If you don't know how to check it, it is good to use water which temperature isn't too hot for your hands.

    #4 Dirty washing machine

    I am sure you realise that the washing machine is necessary thing in every house. You have to know your washing machine as many house appliances need a regular cleaning. After taking out cleaned clothes from the washing machine, hold the door open not to cause moisture. A dirty washing machine causes bacteria and mold spores to spread on clothes. It is harmful not only for people struggling with alergy or asthma but also for every next person. The most dirty parts of washing machine is not only drum interior but also the drawer for detergents and seal at the washing machine door.

    It is good to clean the washing machine once for two weeks. It is enough to turn on the wash machine at the highest possible temperature. Don't forget to add the bleach or citrid aid

    #5 Disinfect the kitchen sink

    Admittedly, when you clean your washbasin, how often do you forget about cleaning of drain?

    In the main, you do it when the basin begins to smell ugly or when it chokes. Food particles and dirt remain in the pipes and bacteria begin to multiply there. Why is cleaning the sink so important? Pressurized water means dirt can travel back up. It is worth using a home remedy to avoid this. Place a tablespoon of baking soda into the drain, pour in some vinegar and leave it overnight. In the morning, rinse the drain with boiling water. This method should be used after cutting meat, fish or a large amount of vegetables.

    #6 You forget about cleaning the shower head and the shower curtain

    We rarely clean the shower curtain because many people think it cleans up when we take a shower. Nothing could be more wrong! In this way, you leave more dirt, soap or detergent residue on it. It is better to replace polyethylene curtains with those made of vinyl or fabrics. Curtains made of this material can be disinfected once a month in a washing machine. Another method is to soak it in saline or citric acid. Then wipe the curtain dry.

    It is good to clean the washing machine regularly but it is also good to dry it If you don't do it, mold will begin to develope in the container. When it comes to the washing dishes,the order of putting dishes to the washing machine is vital . The experts recommend to put the dishes covered with leftover potatoes, pasta or rice into the middle of the bottom of the dishwasher. However, if the dishes are covered with meat, cheese or eggs should be found in the edge parts of the dishwasher. In this way, the dishes should be better cleaned.

    8# Take care of the fans

    It's not a joke! You must clean your fan once a 2 weeks. You will care about better quality of the air at home. Take out the card, wash it with vinegar, with a cleaner and wipe it dry. Then try to remove as much dirt from the fan as it is possible.

    Do you remember about these places when you are cleaning?
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